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Mel Bay Publications provides materials for musical instrument playing, particularly instructional books that teach a particular instrument or style.   Mel Bay Publications' books target musicians of varying levels of proficiency, from the beginner to those with advanced performance skills.  Mel Bay has published books containing complete transcriptions of all the music from Crossing to Scotland in bass clef, and Castles, Kirks and CavesSee order form.

We have been playing from your book for over a year now and never grow tired of it. Thanks again for bringing so much joy into our musical life!  Your music and willingness to share it, is wonderful.   Alan/Rachelle Frazier











Crossing to Scotland (book)
by Abby Newton

Today the cello is usually considered a classical instrument, but from the late 17th to early 19th centuries it was used in folk ensembles to provide low, driving rhythms for dance tunes and to render haunting Scottish airs. Within the folk music revival of the past forty years there has been a small but dedicated movement to restore the unique richness of the cello to traditional music, and Abby Newton has been on the forefront of that movement. Abby has been deeply involved with Scottish music ever since, traveling to and performing in Scotland many times. The airs, planxties and reels in this book come from traditional and contemporary sources, including the 18th-century fiddler Neil Gow, harper Turlough O'Carolan, Daithi Sproule, David Hornung, Alasdair Fraser, Ronnie Aimes, and others. All 19 of the tunes are written for solo cello with chord symbols included on most tunes for an accompanying instrument. The text also includes the author's notes on the origin of each tune.



Castles, Kirks and Caves (book)

Traditional Tunes for Cello from Scotland and Ireland,
by Abby Newton

This is the second popular book of beautiful Celtic tunes compiled and arranged for the cello by Abby Newton. Most of the tunes in this collection are from her recent recordings, Castles Kirks and Caves and Ferintosh. The book is organized in three parts: Tunes, Sets, and Duos. The first part, Tunes, contains an assortment of twenty-eight tunes culled mostly from the well know Scottish and Irish traditional tune books including collections by Capt. Simon Fraser, Patrick McDonaldNiel Gow and James Oswald. The second part, Sets, consists of several tunes played in succession. Part three, Duos, includes two part scores (with treble and bass lines) that come mainly from James Oswald's Airs for the Seasons and Burke Thumoth's Collection of Scots and Irish Tunes 1745.
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